Mission & Vision

To empower believers and engage skeptics with Biblical truth and evidences for faith.

Our Goal

Our goal is to partner with other ministries that work on campuses or focus on apologetics, in and to disciple students, scholars, and skeptics around the world. As we work to analyze and critique the philosophies and worldviews of modern man that are opposed to biblical faith ā€” especially metaphysical materialism that dominates the thinking of most atheistsā€” we seek to show the solid foundations for the truth of Christ and Christianity.

Our Strategy

We communicate the case for Christ and for authentic Christianity with university students ā€” and with professors, a largely unreached people group. To accomplish this task we train international ministry leaders, host conferences and debates on campuses, translate and distribute multimedia resources, and oversee this high traffic website, which includes discussion boards on both general apologetics and Intelligent Design.

We empower Christians by making available through our bookstore and articles high-quality materials that effectively defend the truths of Scripture. We also make presentations at churches and other locations where scientific and historical apologetics are utilized to enable those in attendance to effectively share the Truth of God's Word with others.