C. S. Lewis Society Fundraiser Brunch. Guest Speaker Dr. Michael Behe!

You are invited to our...

C.S. Lewis Society Fundraiser Brunch

Saturday, February 4th

Tampa Yacht and Country Club

5320 Interbay Blvd, Tampa, FL 33611

Brunch will begin at 9:30 am and conclude by 11:00 am


Coming from Lehigh University to speak...

 Dr. Michael Behe, renowned biologist, author of “Darwin’s Black Box” and “The Edge of Evolution

Michael Behe’s bombshell “Darwin’s Black Box” shook the foundations of Darwin’s theory of evolution when originally published in 1996, and even the New York Times held it in high regard and published a number of  Dr. Behe’s op/ed pieces in their editorial section.  Amazingly, its powerful impact on biology is enjoying a new resurgence.  Dr. Behe will join Society Director Tom Woodward in a lively dialogue, “Exquisite Design and the New God Hypothesis”.   

Plans for 2017 ministries of the C. S. Lewis Society will be sketched.

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