News & Press Releases

On March 21-22, 2014, best-selling author Lee Strobel, Dr. Woodward as well as three other well-known apologists will be speaking at a conference entitled “Reasonable Faith in an Uncertain World” that the C. S. Lewis Society is co-sponsoring in Clearwater, Florida. 
Dr. Woodward will host a second weekly radio show similar to the “The Universe Next Door,” on a leading west coast Christian radio station.  Stay tuned for further details. 
This summer, dozens of top students from across the US will attend a C.S. Lewis Honors Institute on Apologetics and Theology at Trinity College of Florida.  More details will follow.
In the upcoming year, the C.S. Lewis Society will speak at Stanford University, U.C. Berkeley, and will be presenting talks on “Evidence for Faith” at a major science and technology university in Edinburgh, Scotland and at universities and church venues in Europe, Latin America, and Japan.