Did You Know?

From Dr. Tom Woodward:
Pascal, the French genius who invented adding machines, pioneered calculus, proved the existence of a vacuum, and helped poor people in Paris by creating something called a “bus”, was also the first great modern Christian apologist? “Pensees” (“paw-say”) is his ultra-rich buffet of 993 notes for his planned book he never wrote. Savor these:

  1. The Apostles were either deceived or deceivers. Either supposition is difficult, for it is not possible to imagine that a man has risen from the dead. While Jesus was with them he could sustain them, but afterwards, if he did not appear to them, who did make them act?
  2. The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing....
  3. Christianity is strange; it bids man to recognize that he is vile, and even abominable, and bids him want to be like God. Without such a counterweight his exaltation would make him horribly vain or his abasement horribly abject.