Did You Know?

From Dr. Woodward:
Did you know that we are living through a scientific revolution, in which the credibility of neo-Darwinism is melting faster than a snowball placed in the noonday sun at Miami Beach? Over 17,000 students and leaders across Latin America are now tuning in for the coverage of the unraveling of the Darwinian paradigm in a two-week course “Creation...” that Dr. Woodward completes this coming week (Monday through Friday, 7:00-9:30 pm EST). In focus is a staggering array of empirical problems with the theory, seen in fossils, cosmic fine-tuning, and bio-molecules built with a sophisticated computer code. Critiques of Darwinism from within secular biology began in 1960 with G. A. Kerkut’s British bombshell “The Implications of Evolution,” and now have built into a tidal wave, seen for example in MIT Press’s 2003 shocker “Origination of Organismal Form” that began with 24 unanswered questions. Watch the feed of the Latin American conference here: https://zcu.io/OQRp