Did You Know?

Did you know that Eric Metaxas, the Yale grad based in New York City, who is the founder and director of “Socrates in the City,” is our #1 Apologetics Rock Star when it comes to blending reasons for faith and outbursts of laughter?  When Metaxas is not busy writing best-sellers, he presents us with a superb example of how to fuse apologetics with wit! 

Take a look at his legendary interview with Stephen Meyer, author of “Darwin’s Doubt,” in front of packed house in the Big Apple.  Spectacular!  This is not to diminish the contributions of Meyer, who crushed the ball in his grand slam presentation of the fossil enigma of the Cambrian Explosion.  On a scale of five stars, we give Metaxas seven.  In short, this YouTube is mandatory watching for anyone curious about the reasons for embracing creation and Christ in the 21st Century.