How are we financially supported?

The C.S. Lewis Society is a non-profit faith-based ministry organization that receives almost all of its support through your financial gifts (a very small percentage comes through the sale of books and DVDs).  We present at secular venues such as colleges and universities, where we encourage skeptics--both agnostics and atheists--to consider all the lines of evidence that support the existence of God and the truth of Christianity.  In pursuing this calling, we seek to be good stewards of God's resources  We only move forward by means of your prayers and financial support.  You can securely donate online with your credit card simply by clicking here or you can send your donation to:

C.S. Lewis Society
2430 Welbilt Blvd.
Trinity, FL 34655

If you wish to partner with the Society through non-liquid holdings such as stocks, annuities or real estate, please contact Tom Woodward, C. S. Lewis Society Director, at twdwrd@tampabay.rr.com or call 727-642-8574.

Who contributes to the web site content?

The primary sponsors for this web project are:

Trinity College of Florida Center for University Ministries »
The C. S. Lewis Society »

May I copy your materials?

The text and graphics of the Apologetics.org site (unless indicated otherwise) are copyright protected by the C. S. Lewis Society. However, you are encouraged to copy, use, and distribute anything you find here as long as you give credit to the authors and you do not sell the information for profit. For example, if you plan to reprint these materials you may include the following notice:

"Reprinted with permission from C.S. Lewis Society. Many other files may be found at: http://www.apologetics.org"

Of course, only the original authors have full copyright on their work. We only claim authorship for formatting the pages and graphics.

Who are you trying to reach?

When the C.S. Lewis Society was started in 1988, it was designed to be a "Christian evidences" outreach to university students and professors. Just as C.S. Lewis was an "evangelist" at Oxford — an "apostle to the skeptic" — our passion has been to employ key breakthroughs in apologetics in order to effectively engage campus unbelievers with Biblical truth, and to equip Christians in giving sound reasons for their faith.

Are you "young-earth creationists"?

We are not interested in debating such specifics as the age of the earth or universe, as there are many other relevant topics to discuss. We mainly focus on presenting evidence for the intelligent design of the world as well as refuting the philosophical tenets which form the basis of Darwinian naturalism. Members of our ministry include both young-earth and old-earth creationists.

What is the purpose of the Apologetics.org web site?

The purpose for this web site is to present Christianity as such an understandable, defensible, and compelling world view that any honest investigator will accept its truth and purpose for his or her life.