2012 Fall Update

Ministry in the Northeast:
Normandy and I were privileged to present many creation seminars to children and adults while visiting churches in Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Ohio. We are also thankful for good response at Tom's trio of talks at Dartmouth College. 
Attending one Dartmouth lecture, "DNA's DNA," was a group of students and professors from the Biology Department.  I was told the following day that they had come to see if my talk on epigenetics would "tear down science."   I was puzzled about this, and asked what their reaction was after hearing me.  "You passed the test; you showed respect of biology while bringing your critique of Darwinism."  Tom spoke at a Christian Impact meeting (two CI students are with Tom below) and showed how the "New Atheism," so aggressive on campuses today, fails the tests of truth in each of their key points.
dartmouth students
Long Island?   What a fascinating place to have our weekly radio program "The Universe Next Door" now airing:  the Hamptons, on the east end of Long Island!  Pastor Doug Kinney of Community Bible Church approached us to see if they could air our program Saturdays at 1 pm and again Sundays at 9 pm on their WEGB Radio Station.  Our thanks to Pastor Doug for including us in their broadcast-outreach to an influential area!
Don't forget you can tune in live each Saturday at www.bayword.com at 5:05 pm, or go to the website to listen to archived radio programs.



Bombshells on the Radio: 


Each week on our radio program we explore evidence for faith and "help skeptics to doubt their doubts," as we point listeners to Christ as Creator and Redeemer.  News on such topics comes in waves, and this past month, we've been inundated with exciting discoveries about God's handiwork in the human body. Also, two new books are sending out tremors in the academic world.

High-tech DNA?  In early September, news media were all abuzz announcing a wave of discoveries in human DNA, thanks to the huge "ENCODE" Project, involving 400 scientists, performing hundreds of experiments.   It was announced that 80% of human DNA is "functional"--not just 2% as students have been told in the past.  Alongside our 20,000 genes, scientists have uncovered over four million genetic control panels, sometimes described as "dimmer switches."  Thus, secular scientists themselves have written the epitaph of the "Junk DNA Hypothesis," which was used to challenge the intelligent design of life.


C. S. Lewis was clearly a "Design Advocate,"  according to the powerful new book "The Magician's Twin."  C. S. Lewis was much more critical of Darwinism than scholars ever realized.  Lewis tackled evolution and science in many of his books and articles (over 40!) and he even scribbled revealing notes in his own books on science.  "The Magician's Twin" traces Lewis's deep, many-sided critique of Darwinism. Many of his writings attacked the philosophy called "scientism," which claims that science alone is a reliable source of "truth."  
This podcast can be accessed by clicking on this link, http://www.bayword.com/ContentPages/3377/ 
and then manually clicking on the "Listen Now" broadcast for 09/22/2012. 


Renowned Atheist Thomas Nagel releases "Mind and Cosmos" Bombshell!  We reported that Oxford University Press has published this shocking book, which analyzes the many facets of the "neo-Darwinian conception of nature" which Dr. Nagel views as very implausible, and "almost certainly false."   This statement is woven into the subtitle on the book's cover!  Speaking of the abuse heaped on design theorists, Nagel says this is "manifestly unfair." Professor Nagel cannot be ignored; he is one of the world's premier philosophers.  Still an atheist, he has become a bold defender of the arguments for intelligent design.  Pray for many to be impacted by this breakthrough, and ask God to guide Nagel's own journey of discovery.



Praying for Upcoming Events
NEW YORK: Tom and Normandy are busy preparing for ministry in Little Genessee, New York, at Faith Bible Church, the weekend of October 6-7
Tom will present "DNA's DNA: The Epigenetics Revolution" as a campus wide lecture at nearby Houghton College on the evening of October 8th.
houghton col 
WINTER HAVEN, FLORIDA: On Oct. 28th at Ridgepoint Church, Tom will be presenting a creation seminar at 9:00 am (to be repeated at 10:30 am).  He will conclude with an afternoon creation seminar at 4:30 pm. Normandy will present to the Children's Church in the morning.
SOUTH CAROLINA: On November 11th Tom will share a message, "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made" at Calvary Chapel of Columbia, South Carolina (located in  the nearby city of Cayce). 
NEW ZEALAND: During the weekend of December 7-9, Tom will speak in the area of Auckland, New Zealand, including an all-day Saturday conference--"Darwinism or Intelligent Design?"
AUSTRALIA: During the week of December 11 - 13, Tom will be speaking in the Sydney, Australia area. Details to come in a later newsletter update.
               SAVE THE DATES:
February 7 - 10th
We will kick off that weekend, focused on the "Case for the Resurrection" on Thursday night, Feb. 7th, with our C. S. Lewis Society's annual banquet in Clearwater, Florida with Dr. Gary Habermas, world renowned expert on the resurrection of Christ. Joining him for the rest of the weekend will be Dr. Dan Wallace, Dallas Seminary Greek scholar and a top authority on New Testament manuscripts. Times and venues will be announced in the next newsletter.
Thanks for standing with us in prayer,
Tom and Normandy Woodward